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Siemens Studioline range

Approved retailer for the Siemens Studioline 2019 / 2020 Range of high end Kitchen appliances 


The amazing Siemens Studioline HN878G4B6B full function oven with Microwave & Pulse steam perfectly matches the Siemens Studioline CT836LEB6 fully integrated Bean-to-cup coffee centre in Black Steel Design, with Home Connect built in for the perfect coffee at a touch of your smart connected device.

Designed for maximum convenience and coffee pleasure, speciality  coffees require the espresso shot to be heated at a different temperature to achieve the perfect result. Siemens sensoFlow does this automatically, providing delicious beverages each and every time. For the extra-large or extra-strong coffee lovers, the Siemens double shot supplies an extra boost when needed the most and because the second shot uses a new set of beans, there is no compromise on flavour.


Integrated Sensor System uses an intelligent grinder that adapts to each bean variety and always grinds coffee in the perfect quantity. The steam blast feature ensures cleaning after every beverage taking complete care of the daily cleaning of the milk system


Siemens Studioline IQ700 full size ovens featuring the HB878GBB6B with and the HS858GXB6B oven with Full steam function in Black Steel Design.


With Home Connect for ease of use and maximum flexibility, control your ovens from your smart device.

Reduce your cooking time thanks to varioSpeed which provides fast preheat and activeClean®. VarioSpeed saves up to 50% time-saving thanks to integrated microwave and includes fast preheat function. 

The activeClean system offers the fully automatic cleaning system for effortless cleaning on the HN878G4B6B only. The HS858GXB6B features Eco clean coating technology.

TFT Touchdisplay Plus provides a clear text display and easy to use operation or control with your smart device via the Home Connect app.


Hotair Eco cooking provides efficient cooking as the temperature is maintained to within one of the maximum set. 


Siemens Studioline Cooling

The new range of A'cool appliances available only from specialist Studioline centres, Kitchen Design House are

proud to be approved Studioline dealers. The Studioline range perfectly suits our high quality German kitchens 

to provide the perfect range of appliances to meet the most demanding clients expectations.

The new A'Cool range features the impressive CI36TP02 french style fridge freezer with pull out freezer drawer and new 75cm wide full height fridge and freezer, offering an unrivalled capacity in the kitchen. The CI30RP02 and matching FI30NP02 both features fixed hinge,  TFT display and clad on stainless panels if required.

Of course there is also the beautiful new fully integrated A'Cool wine cooler to match, the CI24WP03, holding an impressive 92 bottles of wine, enough for all but the most demanding dinner parties.

Contact us to discuss the options and how these amazing new appliances can change you kitchen habits for life.

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