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NEFF champions openness and creativity, inspiring the creation of their NEFF Flex Design range.

Neff Flex Design appliances are designed for flexibility and customization in the kitchen. They offer modular solutions that can be combined and arranged according to individual needs and preferences. This range includes ovens, hobs, and other kitchen appliances that seamlessly integrate into various kitchen layouts. Neff Flex Design products emphasize innovation and adaptability, allowing users to create a personalized cooking space that meets both aesthetic and functional requirements. Ideal for modern homes seeking versatile kitchen solutions that enhance efficiency and style.


Flex Design | Your kitchen. Your taste. Your colour.

Personalize your kitchen with NEFF Flex Design's range of handles and side trims, available in Brushed Bronze, Deep Black, Metallic Silver, and Anthracite Grey. Swap easily between colors for built-in ovens, steam ovens, induction hobs, and coffee machines to match your evolving style.


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