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Our Design Process

At KDH, we're excited about the opportunity to collaborate with you in bringing your dream kitchen to life. We provide a complimentary design service that is customised to your specific requirements, schedule, and level of expertise.


Taking Notes

Initial Conversation

The initial step involves a conversation to comprehensively grasp your requirements, desires, and any constraints. This discussion can occur either in your home, if the space is already constructed, or over the phone while reviewing architectural drawings. The objective is to gather sufficient information to develop an initial plan.


New Render 2.jpg

Initial Design

After understanding your requirements, we'll create a vibrant design using our CAD software to visualize the space. Feel free to request alterations to wall colors, decor, furniture, and more. We're here to assist with every aspect of your room design.


Chatting Over Coffee


Welcome to the exciting part! Here's your chance to explore what we've prepared for you. We'll guide you through our showroom, showcase door samples, color schemes, worktop options, appliances, and more. While there's much to ponder when buying a kitchen, we'll simplify it for a stress-free experience.


Image by Hannah Olinger


An essential phase in every major project. We understand the importance of taking time to ponder all the options presented. It's natural not to finalize decisions immediately and to reconsider choices. Rest assured, we're here to support you every step of the way, ensuring the best decisions align with your requirements.


Meeting at the office

Final Meeting

Once you're satisfied that your requirements and budget are met, and you're ready to proceed, we arrange a final meeting to confirm all your selections. To avoid any surprises due to miscommunication, we thoroughly double-check everything to ensure clarity and alignment with your expectations.


Image by Kam Idris

Ordering, Delivery & Install

From this point onward, leave everything to us – no need to stress. We'll handle ordering the kitchen, appliances, worktops, and more. Our team will manage delivery and, if necessary, installation. Feel free to inquire about our current lead times for the latest updates!

Things to consider

Things to consider...

Throughout the design process, your input and preferences are integral to creating a kitchen that truly reflects your style and meets your needs.


To facilitate this collaboration, we'll seek your opinion and insights on various aspects. To help you prepare for these discussions, we've outlined some of the key considerations below.


By understanding these crucial elements in advance, you can actively participate in shaping every detail of your custom kitchen design.​​



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