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KEF - Play Anything. Hear Everything.

Shaping the future of High-Fidelity

Designed by Michael Young in collaboration with the KEF product design team, this contemporary design addition to the KEF family defies the limits of audio performance with its iconic slim structure. The LS60 Wireless is a celebration of 60 years of sound innovation with a clear eye on the future high-fidelity experience.


LS60 Wireless delivers robust, high-quality streaming using any format you can imagine, thanks to the same class-leading W2 wireless platform KEF introduced on the award-winning LS50 Wireless II. No matter which music service, podcast, internet radio or wired source, LS60 Wireless delivers a peerless performance.


Extreme Home Theatre

Setting a new standard for architectural speakers, KEF’s Extreme Home Theatre pushes the boundaries of technology to bring you best-in-class acoustic performance, impeccable design and easy installation too.


Hundreds of performance and quality assurance tests have been undertaken to be THX® Certified Dominus and THX® Certified Ultra, proof if it were needed of the system’s ability to deliver breathtakingly realistic, completely immersive, cinematic sound, just as the director intended.





Why KEF Subwoofers?

At its most basic a subwoofer needs to be able to produce deep and loud bass. KEF subwoofers are anything but basic. Each subwoofer is full of exceptional engineering and innovation in the form of cutting-edge technologies such as Uni-Core® and KEF’s Music Integrity Engine, and are designed to deliver depth and accuracy in equal measures.

KEF subwoofers are al
so versatile, whether you want them for music, movies, or a mixture of both, for small spaces and large listening rooms, the comprehensive line-up has a high-performance subwoofer to suit.