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Novy extraction - Premium Innovation Partner

Extraction by Novy, 


At the very heart of your home, the kitchen is a multifunctional living space, preparing meals, entertaining guests or relaxing with your children, Novy breathes life into the kitchen. Novy offer near silent and highly efficient cooker hoods and extraction models guarantee an ideal environment in which to live, work and play.

All Novy extractors are crafted with love and precision, all components are elected for quality and all come with a 5 year warranty to offer peace of mind.


Kitchen design house are proud to be one of the very few select Novy Premium Innovation Partners in the UK, offering free advice, pre-planning and specification services to ensure you choose the perfect extraction appliance for your requirements.

We offer specialist advice working demonstrations for the Novy Cloud ceiling extractor and Novy one, venting hob, seeing is believing and demonstrates the exceptional quality and effective extraction only achievable by Novy. 

Contact us for us advice, demonstrations and options - 01622 541310

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