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Authentic kitchens, living worlds and iconic individual pieces. Puristic, clear and reduced – that´s next125.

Sensible and sensual. The form and the material, the function and the use. Creative, innovative and surprisingly different. Minimalist, essential and timelessly elegant. Inspired by the Bauhaus, designed and manufactured in Germany The essentials make the personality. The focus on the essential makes next125 authentic.

next125 is not just a kitchen – next125 connects people and tells stories. People who shape, inspire and live with their attitudes and themes, next125. Anyone connected to next125, doing something that doesn’t stop. Creative makers are customers, all employees in Herrieden – but there are also artists, architects and everyone who creates something creative with their hands and thoughts.



Robust & Resistant.

Fine matt laminated front SensiQ with Anti Finger Print surface. Available in 10 colours.



Resistant & Low Maintenance.

High quality melamine

resin-coated satin lacquered front. Available in

18 colours.



Durable & Silky Soft.

High quality melamine

resin-coated matt velvet lacquered front. Available in 18 colours.

Next125 NX501 Crystal White High Gloss Featuring NX650 Old Oak.jpg


Prime Quality & Brilliant.

High gloss polished

lacquered front. Available

in 3 colours.



Natural & Sustainable.

Brushed knotty wood

oak veneer front. Available

in 7 colours.



Natural & Sustainable.

Muted elegant oak veneer wood front. Available

in 6 colours.

Next 125 NX902 Glass Matt Stone Grey Wall Hung.jpg

NX901 / NX911

Real glass in high gloss finish

within an exquisitely crafted frame. Available in 13 colours, with 2 edging finishes.


NX902 / NX912

Real glass in matt finish

within an exquisitely crafted frame. Available in 13 colours, with 2 edging finishes.

As much function as is necessary, as much emotion as possible.

Screenshot 2022-12-02 at 13.28.20.png

NX860 / NX870

Esthetical and Easy To Clean. Laminated solid core SensiQ fine matt front. Available in 5 colours, with 2 edging finishes.


NX930 / NX940

SensiQ inox fine matt with stainless steel coloured real metal coating front. Available in 1 colour, with 2 edging finishes.

Next 125 NX650 Old Oak.jpg


Natural & Sustainable.

Brushed wood fronts

available in Oak or Larch. Sealed with a 2-layer,

2-component lacquer.


NX950 / NX960

Lighter Than Aluminium, Harder Than Natural Stone. Ceramic panel in exquisitely crafted frame. Available in 6 colours.



Natural & Sustainable.

Wood with muted oak veneer framed design front. Sealed with a 2-layer, 2-component lacquer. Available in 5 colours.



Natural & Sustainable.

Front side veneer with 2 mm deep vertical grooving. Sealed with a 2-layer, 2-component lacquer. Available in 2 colours.

Multiple award winning design. Red Dot Award winner 2016 & 2021.

Red Dot stands for belonging to the best in design and business. The international design competition, the “Red Dot Design Award”, is aimed at all those who would like to distinguish their business activities through design.


Kitchen Furniture | 2016 WINNER

The special feature about these base units of the next125 kitchen furniture range is, that they are also available in a carcase height of 87.5 cm. The carcase extension results in a reduction of the plinth height. Thus, more storage room is provided in the cupboards creating for example, more space for an additional drawer. The low plinth itself stays unobtrusively in the background. It takes the appearance of a recess joint lending the furniture a homely character.

Ceramic Front NX950 | 2016 WINNER

The next125 ceramic front NX 950 is supported by a frame structure with a high-quality finish. A solid aluminium edge surrounds the panel on all four sides thereby offering flush protection for the narrow ceramic sides. The durability and hardness of ceramic make the front suitable as a work surface. When used with the associated side walls, this makes it possible to create reduced, homogeneous kitchens.

Red Dot Winner Next125 Schuller

Alcove Shelf | 2021 WINNER

The minimalist shelf construction next125 Frame for the recess area can be equipped with six organisational elements that can be flexible combined. The reduced design language of the alcove shelf conveys a high level of functionality. By combining it with an optional light source, next125 Frame also makes for a pleasant visual accent piece. Different widths and materials such as synthetic materials, FENIX laminate, lacquer, ceramics, or quartz create possibilities for individualisation.

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