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Next125 | NX930 / NX940

Solid Core. SensiQ Inox.

Laminated solid core SensiQ fine matt front in exquisitely crafted frame construction. Front side with Anti Finger Print surface. Solid stainless steel coloured or onyx black aluminium edging all round. A small structural gap remains between the aluminium edging and the solid core front. Rear side is a foil-wrapped frame. The rear side of the front is closed with a filling.


The special AFP Anti Finger Print finish significantly reduces annoying finger marks, making it easier to keep surfaces looking their best. Right on trend, warm and velvety design extends an invitation to touch and feel at home with.

SensiQ solid core is pressed into several layers resulting in a 4mm thick coating. This ensures greater durability but also allows for ease of correction in case of damage.



Door Thickness


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