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Brilliant White

Brilliant White

Crystal White

Crystal White

Crystal Grey

Crystal Grey

Next125 | NX501

Prime Quality & Brilliant.

High gloss polished lacquered front made from high quality MDF board. Surface and edges of front filled with styrene-free polyester. Front and edges high gloss polished. All edges rounded, radius 3mm. Rear side is melamine resin-coated with matt coloured lacquer.

High-quality lacquered fronts produced in several work processes, making them extremely durable. They are distinguished by brilliant colours and a soft, rich feel.



Door Thickness


Next125 NX501 Crystal White High Gloss Featuring NX650 Old Oak.jpg
Next125 NX501 Crystal White High Glosss Featured Wall Hung Base Units.jpg
Next 125 NX501 Featuring Floating Gable End.jpg
Next 125 NX650 Old Oak Featuring Pocket Doors.jpg
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