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The end of the extractor hood.

BORA's principle has been copied by many manufacturers but the BORA vision remains the same.

Processed through high-quality filters, they are then ducted out or recirculated through charcoal filters.

Despite imitations, BORA, the market leader, envisions the "end of the extractor hood" for a kitchen revolution and new architecture.


BORA uses seven advantages for a top-notch extraction system, aiming for brand leadership—more possibilities, more enjoyment, more freedom.

Fresh Air

Cooking surrounded by fresh air, preventing odours and grease particles from spreading.


BORA venting hobs are significantly quieter than traditional hoods, with low-noise motors and integrated sound absorption technology.

Easy Cleaning

BORA's innovative venting hobs simplify cleaning, with easily dismantled parts for dishwasher cleaning.


BORA hobs ensure 100% clean rate due to intelligent flow speed and motor technology, offering energy-efficient extraction.

Best Materials

BORA uses only high-quality materials like pure stainless steel and heavy metal-free glass ceramic for long service life.

Planning Freedom

BORA provides new kitchen architecture possibilities, allowing for various designs without bulky hoods.

Clear View

BORA eliminates head-height extractor hoods, providing an un-obstructed view in open-plan kitchens.


As a UK Bora dealer, we offer the full range of BORA hobs, including Basic, Professional, and Classic, along with ducting and expert advice. BORA combines effectiveness, efficiency, and design, offering impressive performance across its variations.

BORA Classic and Professional ranges offer flexibility with central extraction, gas, induction, and other cooktop elements.


Call us for advice and latest prices at 01622 541 310 or 01634 940 654.


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