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Elevate Your Kitchen Experience with BORA PKAS3FIAB Professional 3.0 Modular Cooktop Extractor System in All Black available at Kitchen Design House. All Black Finish BORA Cooktop Set – Modular cooktop system provides greater flexibility for how you want to cook. Duct Out or Recirculating – Comes with Charcoal Filter, or BORA ducting can be supplied (Optional). Stainless Steel Grease Filter – Tough & Durable; Won’t Yellow or Rust. Optimum Twin Fan System – Extremely Quite Even at Full Power – 68dB Noise Rating. Cooking Zones – Room for 2 Large 24cm pots to be placed one behind other.


Transform your kitchen with the pinnacle of excellence: unparalleled performance, premium design at its best, heightened intuitive operation, and a selection of eight extra-deep cooktops for versatile combinations. Meet the future of cooking with the innovative BORA Professional 3.0. Experience a groundbreaking design language merging with top-tier standards in materials, technology, and efficiency – a culinary achievement you can savour. This revolution hails from Germany, setting a new standard in kitchen innovation.


Modular System for Ultimate Flexibility

BORA provides a diverse range of cooktop options, from surface induction to gas and Tepan stainless steel grills. Create your perfect combination with one, three, or more cooktops for a customised cooking experience.


Intuitive Control Knob

Experience seamless control with a classic knob and touch-operated surface featuring a sharp LED display. Effortlessly activate functions by twisting the knob and tapping the central touch surface for intuitive operation.


Automatic Cover Flap

Enjoy convenience with the automatic cover flap that opens and closes during extractor use. Integrated sensor technology ensures safety, preventing items from getting trapped. When switched off, the system elegantly closes.


Premium Design for Aesthetic Excellence

BORA sets the standard in design with a sleek control knob, stainless steel ring, black glass front, and clear white LED display. The extractor system seamlessly blends into your kitchen, combining style with cutting-edge technology.


Minimum Volume, Maximum Enjoyment

Experience quiet cooking with optimal airflow and an ultra-low-noise fan. No distractions during cooking or entertaining – just a peaceful kitchen ambiance.


Simple Cleaning for Hassle-Free Maintenance

Easily remove all parts that come in contact with cooking vapours through the wide inlet opening. Pop them in the dishwasher for a quick and convenient cleanup.


Oversized 4 24 Cooking Surface

BORA Professional offers an expansive 54cm cooktop, providing ample space for two large pots placed side by side.


Oversized Surface Induction Cooking Zones

Conquer culinary challenges with particularly large surface induction cooking zones, ensuring consistent heating for even the largest pots or roasters.


Upgrade your kitchen to the next level of sophistication and functionality with BORA Professional 3.0 – where innovation meets elegance!


PKAS3FIAB Consists of;

1x PKAS3AB Pro cooktop extractor system with integrated fan in All Black

2x PKFI3AB Pro surface induction cooktop in All Black

1x EFBV90 EcoTube bend 90 flat vertical inc. seal

1x EFS375 EcoTube Shallow Straight with Bar inc. seal

1x EFV EcoTube Ducting Connection Sleeve inc. seal


Talk to us today to run through your requirements.

BORA PKAS3FIAB Professional 3.0 Modular Cooktop Extractor System in All Black

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