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Discover the BORA QVAC Vacuum Sealer in Stainless Steel on Kitchen Design House. Stainless Steel Finish BORA Vacuum Sealer – 90kPa Max. Vacuum Pressure, 3 Functions, RapidMarinating, Built In Worktop. 3 Functions – Vacuum sealing in vacuum boxes and vacuum bags, resealing bottles & marinating. Reduce Waste – Keep food for longer without it losing its natural taste or consistency. Variety of Applications – Not just meat or dried goods, seal bottles & liquids.


Make food last up to three times longer and reduce waste with the BORA QVac built-in vacuum sealer. Vacuum sealing retains both the food’s delicious taste and its appetising appearance.


The BORA QVac has three functions:

  • vacuum sealing in vacuum boxes and vacuum bags
  • resealing bottles
  • marinating



From fruit, vegetables, meat and fish to sauces, soups and stews, raw or cooked – vacuum sealing makes it possible to keep food for longer without it losing its natural taste or consistency. In conjunction with the BORA cooktop extractor systems and the BORA X BO steam oven, vacuum-sealed and marinated food can be perfectly prepared, for example when sous-vide cooking.


Unique installation concept

Thanks to the innovative and unique installation concept, the BORA QVac doesn’t take up any of the coveted space on kitchen work surfaces: like the substructure for the cooktop extractors, the device is fitted below the worktop. The built-in vacuum sealer can be installed either flush or surface mounted.


Ultra-rapid marinating

The marinating ring, which is placed on one of the associated vacuum boxes, creates a vacuum. The resultant marinating process take no more than ten minutes rather than several hours or days, and enables marinades to penetrate food particularly deeply.

Keep liquids fresh for longer

The vacuum seal keeps bottled liquids, such as wine or oil, usable for longer after they have been opened. Once vegetables have been cooked, the resultant stock can even be stored as a sauce base, for example.

  • Pop-up unit with automatic on/off function
  • Extendable vacuuming head (400mm)
  • 3 function keys for different vacuuming programmes
  • Audiovisual operating concept

BORA QVAC Vacuum Sealer in Stainless Steel

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