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The Neff C29MY7MY0 Flex Design Built-In Compact Oven with Microwave is a versatile appliance featuring a 6.8" Premium Full Touch TFT Display with Flex Control. It combines a pyrolytic oven with a microwave, offering 20 functions and a Multipoint Temperature Probe. The oven includes one pair of fully extendible independent telescopic rails and a soft open/close door for convenience. Customize with additional color-specific handles, trim, and control dial accessories, sold separately, to suit your kitchen's style.


  • Premium 6.8-inch Full Touch TFT Display - Intuitive interface for maximum comfort.
  • Twist Pad Flex® - Effortless control dial for Flex Control appliances.
  • Flex Design - Customize to match your kitchen’s aesthetic.
  • Seamless Combination - Appliances blend seamlessly with Flex Design.
  • Inverter Technology - Ensures gradual, even heating for your meals.


Simple. Easy. Premium.

Bring premium quality to every aspect of your cooking experience! Our full-colour, extra-large Premium 6,8’’ Full Touch TFT Display is high-contrast and high-resolution, making it even easier to read and navigate. Explore the extensive menu, set the time, adjust the temperature, and change from bake to broil by simply swiping and tapping the user-friendly and quick-response surface. The Premium size also features room for up to two Twist Pad for maximum comfort and control while cooking! *Additional Twist Pad Flex® sold separately.


Put a new spin on appliance control.

Discover the new way to control your favourite appliance.Compatible with all Flex Control appliances, the Twist Pad Flex® can be used with your oven, hob and coffee machine! Simply guide the magnetic dial into place, and then give it a spin to select your settings. The interactive display features integrated lights, offering instant feedback for easy use. The Twist Pad Flex® is ready to dial your appliance up a notch.


Your kitchen, your taste, your colour!

Adapt your appliances to match your individual style. With four colour options to choose from, you can match design elements however you like. Simply choose your preferred color when purchasing and get a seamless blend with your cabinetry. And because kitchens grow and tastes change, the choice is also flexible. With Flex Design, adaptable elements from additional accessory sets can be changed as often as you like, giving each appliance a lifetime of great taste.


Blend in and stand out.

Seamless Combination with Flex Design gives your kitchen the look you want. Side trims available in Deep Black, Brushed Bronze, Metallic Silver and Anthracite Grey create a seamless transition between two to three stacked appliances. Simply choose your preferred colour when purchasing! And because all Flex Design elements from additional accessory sets are easy to swap out, you can change your aesthetic later, without having to replace your favourite appliances.


A warm welcome for any dish.

Say goodbye to rotating plates and partially heated leftovers. Inverter Technology uses the perfect microwave power level to consistently heat dishes quickly, gently and evenly, to achieve the right temperature, taste and texture. And thanks to the generous oven space, you can heat larger dishes or multiple portions at the same time – and clean-up is a breeze!


Microwave Function: Cooking reinvented - microwave and oven in one

If you want space and functionality, this two-in-one oven is just right. Defrosting, microwaving, baking and roasting – it’s all part of the package. You can thaw out your casserole and cook it afterwards, quickly bake your puff pastries, and roast your rotisserie-style chicken to tender goodness. All in one convenient space.

Neff C29MY7MY0 Flex Design Built-In Compact Oven with Microwave

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