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The Neff B69VY7MY0 Flex Design Built-In Single Oven features a 6.8" Premium Full Touch TFT Display with Flex Control for easy navigation. It includes Circotherm technology and 20 functions, such as Vario Steam and a Multipoint Temperature Probe. The oven offers one pair of fully extendible independent telescopic rails, a rotating handle, and a soft open/close door. Customize your oven with additional color-specific handles, trims, and control dial accessories (sold separately).


  • Premium 6.8-inch Full Touch TFT Display - An easy and intuitive interface for maximum comfort.
  • Twist Pad Flex® - A user-friendly dial for effortless control of your Flex Control appliances.
  • Flex Design - Select a finish to match your kitchen’s aesthetic and easily change it later.
  • Seamless Combination with Flex Design - Enjoy how your appliances blend together seamlessly.
  • Slide & Hide® - An oven door that slides away for unrestricted access.


Simple. Easy. Premium.

Enhance your cooking experience with our high-quality features. The 6.8” Full Touch TFT Display offers high-contrast, high-resolution visuals for easy navigation. Explore menus, set times, adjust temperatures, and switch modes with intuitive swipes and taps. The display can also accommodate up to two Twist Pads for extra comfort and control (sold separately).



Put a New Spin on Appliance Control.

The Twist Pad Flex® offers a new way to control your appliances. Compatible with ovens, hobs, and coffee machines, this magnetic dial allows you to select settings effortlessly. Integrated lights in the interactive display provide instant feedback, making it easy to use and enhancing your appliance control experience.



Your Kitchen, Your Taste, Your Colour.

Customize your appliances to match your style with four color options: Deep Black, Brushed Bronze, Metallic Silver, and Anthracite Grey. Flex Design allows you to adapt elements from additional accessory sets as often as you like, ensuring your kitchen always reflects your evolving taste.


Blend In and Stand Out.

Flex Design's seamless combination creates the perfect look for your kitchen. Choose side trims in Deep Black, Brushed Bronze, Metallic Silver, or Anthracite Grey to achieve a smooth transition between stacked appliances. Easily swap out elements from accessory sets to refresh your kitchen’s aesthetic without replacing your appliances.


The Only Oven with a Disappearing Door.

The Slide & Hide® door slides smoothly under the oven, allowing easy access for basting and tasting. This innovative design eliminates the need to bend awkwardly over the door, and the rotating handle lets you guide the door back into place effortlessly.


To Twist or Not to Twist – The Choice is Yours!

Flex Control adapts to your cooking style. Use the TFT Touch Control for swiping and tapping or the Twist Pad Flex® for guided control. The 6.8-inch high-resolution interface supports two Twist Pads for ultimate flexibility and complete control while cooking.

Neff B69VY7MY0 Flex Design Built In Single Oven

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