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The Neff B69CS7MY0B Flex Design Built-In Single Oven features a 3.7" Full Touch TFT Display and Circotherm technology. It offers 14 functions and includes one pair of fully extendible independent telescopic rails, a rotating handle, and a soft open door. Customize with additional color-specific handles and trim accessories (sold separately).



  • 3.7-inch Full Touch TFT Display - Intuitive navigation for easy use and total control.
  • Flex Design - Select and update finishing touches to match your kitchen’s style.
  • Seamless Combination - Enjoy how your appliances blend together effortlessly with Flex Design.
  • Slide & Hide® - Convenient oven door that slides away for unrestricted access.
  • Circo Therm® - Smart solution for even baking on up to three levels simultaneously.



A Clearer Display!

Easily check temperature and settings with the 3.7-inch Full Touch TFT Display. The high-resolution screen and intuitive menu make navigation simple and enjoyable, ensuring you get the most from your oven.


Your Kitchen, Your Taste, Your Colour!

Match your appliances to your style with four color options. Choose your preferred color for a seamless blend with your cabinetry. Flex Design allows you to change accessory sets as often as you like, ensuring your kitchen always reflects your evolving taste.


Blend In and Stand Out

Achieve your desired kitchen look with Flex Design's seamless combination. Side trims in Deep Black, Brushed Bronze, Metallic Silver, and Anthracite Grey ensure a smooth transition between stacked appliances. Easily swap out elements to refresh your kitchen’s aesthetic without replacing your appliances.


The Only Oven with a Disappearing Door

The Slide & Hide® door smoothly disappears under the oven, allowing easy access for basting and tasting. Say goodbye to awkward bending and effortlessly guide the door back into place with the rotating handle.


Cook Your Meals Evenly on Up to Three Levels

Bake three trays of cupcakes or a roast and a fruit crumble simultaneously with Circo Therm®. This high-speed airflow technology ensures even heat distribution, so every dish is cooked perfectly.


The Best Team for Your Clean

Say goodbye to post-roast cleaning with Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning. This function turns splatters into ash, which can be easily wiped away once cooled. For quick cleaning, use the Easy Clean program with water and detergent to soften food residue for effortless removal.

Neff B59CR7KY0B Flex Design Built-In Single Oven

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