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45cm x 60cm

  • Double Cups 
  • Water Tank or Fixed Water Connection 
  • Front Access 
  • Coffee World 
  • ceramDrive 
  • sensoFlow 
  • New & Improved Brewing System


  • TFT-Touchdisplay Pro – Large colour touch display for comfortable operation.


    For a smooth slide-touch navigation.

    No need to worry about refilling the water tank. With tap water connection, there is always fresh water available to prepare a delicious cup of your favourite coffee. To protect against water damage throughout the lifetime of the appliance, the tap water connection is equipped with the aquaStop® safety system. For perfect coffee moments at any time.


  • Tap water connection – Prepare your coffee without refilling the water tank.


  •  Explore the huge variety of international coffee specialities with one swipe - Siemens coffeeWorld.


    Swipe through a wide range of international coffee from the comfort of your home – coffeeWorld.

    The Siemens coffeeWorld brings the fantastic taste of international coffee specialties right into your home. With up to 19 coffee variations from 8 different countries, the Siemens coffeeWorld offers you a vast diversity of coffee specialties and lets you learn more about each beverage’s background – without leaving the comfort of your home.


  •  Three different aroma profiles to choose from, according to your personal taste - aromaSelect.


    Three different aroma types, according to your taste – aromaSelect.

    aromaSelect allows you to adapt the taste of coffee to your personal preferences. You can choose between three different aroma settings: mild, balanced, or distinctive. After all, everyone has an individual taste and aromaSelect makes it possible for you to choose the one that perfectly suits you.


  •  Fully automatic steam cleaning and optimal hygiene thanks to autoMilk Clean.

iQ700 Built-in Coffee Machine 60 x 45 cm Black CT918L1D0

  • 5 years warranty

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