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Discover the Siemens studioLine iQ700 SN87Y801BE Built In Dishwasher in Stainless Steel at Kitchen Design House. Stainless Steel with Black Control Panel Finish iQ700 Siemens studioLine Dishwasher – 13 Place Settings, 8 Programmes, DelayStart, Speed60°, Energy Rating B with a Noise Rating of Just 43dB(A). Home Connect – Control your smart dishwasher, no matter where you are. Intelligent Programme – Customised dishwashing to suits your needs. flexComfort Pro – Easy-access dishwasher baskets that cradle your glassware. glassZone – Dedicated dishwasher zone that protects your glassware. emotionLight Pro – Light up your dishwasher with 256 vibrant colours.


Save time and hassle.
As life gets busier and busier, Siemens dishwashers with Home Connect are here to help. Thanks to our partnership with Amazon Alexa* you can control your smart dishwasher via the Home Connect app or your smart speaker. Speed up the washing programme, for example, or turn on the silence setting. The app can even reorder your dishwashing tabs. Life just became that little bit easier.


Your dishwasher knows best.
Selecting the right dishwashing programme can be pure guesswork. Save time by letting your dishwasher select the right settings and speed up the cycle when needed. Simply tell your dishwasher how satisfied you are with the programme duration and the cleaning and drying results via the Home Connect app. The dishwasher will adjust its settings to create a customised programme, along with an overview of water and energy consumption. Enjoy having more time for the things that matter.


More protection. Less hassle.
The glassware-friendly design of flexComfort Pro racks mean you can place even the most precious glasses in your Siemens dishwasher without worry. What’s more, the new low-friction wheels make loading and unloading even easier.


The safe zone for your most valuable glasses.
Worried about putting your delicate glassware in the dishwasher? glassZone gives you added peace of mind. Six dedicated nozzles supply a gentle, continuous flow of water to individual glasses and enable thorough cleaning without damaging sensitive materials. Non-slip silicone surfaces protect your valuable items against vibrations and movement. They hold and cushion delicate and valuable items securely yet gently.


Colours for every mood and style.
Make opening your dishwasher an exercise in self-expression. With emotionLight Pro, you can select from a wide variety of trendy primary colours to light up your dishwasher’s interior. Better still, use the Home Connect app to finesse your dishwasher’s interior with 256 shades to experiment with.


Brilliant drying with natural minerals.
Want a greener dishwasher that still delivers optimum performance? Zeolith® drying uses a compartment filled with natural minerals that absorb moisture and emit heat. This speeds up the drying cycle – and means you use less electricity. It’s a win-win for you and the planet.

Siemens studioLine SN87Y801BE Built In Dishwasher

  • 5 Years

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