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Discover the Siemens studioLine iQ700 EX807NX68E 80cm Vented Induction Hob in Black Glass at Kitchen Design House. Black Glass Finish iQ700 Siemens studioLine Vented Induction Hob – 4 Cooking Zones, 2 flexInduction Zones, 17 Power Levels, Keep Warm, Timer, Boost, Energy Rating B with a Noise Rating of Just 69dB(A). flexInduction – Smart cooking zone that adapts to your cookware. Blue user interface – Elegant touch and slide control. climateControl Sensor – Monitors steam and smells, adjusts the power level automatically. Easy cleaning – Minimal cleaning effort for your built-in extractor. Home Connect – Integrate your hob into your intelligent kitchen.


The hob that adjusts to your cookware.

With flexInduction, the flexible cooking zone automatically extends to accommodate extra-large cookware (up to 24 cm) in diameter. If one zone is not big enough for your cookware, your hob takes control and activates more inductors for even heating. It’s also an excellent option for using teppanyakis or griddle plates up to 40 cm long.


Unique blue user interface.

Are you looking for a cooktop with elegant and intuitive control? Discover the unique blue user interface and control all cooking zones and settings intuitively by touch and slide. With the smart blue dualLight Slider, you can easily select cooking zones on each side of the cooktop. What’s special: When activated, the control panel is a visual highlight – when deactivated, it is completely invisible.


Automatic freshness for your kitchen.

Never too high or low, and never louder than necessary. The climateControl Sensor measures steam intensity and detects cooking fumes to optimise the air circulation automatically. Keep the air in your kitchen fresh and your mind free to focus on the cooking.


Ultra-easy cleaning.

With inductionAir, there’s a triple overflow protection system that helps prevents liquids or other spills from entering the hob. If anything does spill into the unit, you can simply pop the dishwasher-safe grease filters into your dishwasher for easy cleaning.


The intelligent hob that makes life more convenient.

With Wi-Fi-enabled Siemens home appliances and Home Connect, your kitchen is more connected and intelligent. The synergy of Wi-Fi-enabled appliances, intelligent software and an intuitive app offers a wide range of options to easily integrate in your home. While some ease the workload and others open up new possibilities, they all make life as comfortable and convenient as never before.


Total control for frying.

fryingSensor Plus helps make sure every one of your crêpes will be deliciously golden, from first to last. It alerts you when the pan has reached the right temperature, then maintains that exact heat level for as long as you’re cooking. Your creations stay free of scorching, and you can stay focused on your guests.

Siemens studioLine EX807NX68E 80cm Vented Induction Hob

  • 5 Years

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