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Available from July 2023


14cm x 60cm



  • Vacuum Drawer 

  • 3 Bag Thicknesses 

  • 3 Vacuum Levels 

  • Bottle & Container Attachment 

  • studioLine



  • Aroma preservation – Enjoy fine aromas and store food longer with vacuuming.


    Preserve the good taste.

    It is not always easy to consume fresh produce quickly, which begins to lose flavour over time. Preserve the freshness and important flavours with the innovative vacuum drawer. 99 % airtight vacuuming allows gentle and natural preservation of various foods, including wine. Simply enjoy freshness and quality for a longer time. It can also be used for fast marinating and flavouring for an intensive taste. The freezer burn is lower when the food has been frozen and vacuumed.


  • push&pull – No-handle drawer that’s easy to open and close.

iQ700 Built-in Vacuum Drawer 60 x 14 cm Black BV910E1B1

  • 5 years warranty

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