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2d hotAir




  • Oven Assistant with Voice Control – Intuitively set the right programme.


    Simply get the perfect oven setting for your dish.

    You’re not always sure which programme is right for which dish? Simply tell your oven via your Amazon Alexa Voice Control device which dish you want to prepare. Or, alternatively, via the Home Connect App. The Oven Assistant will then suggest suitable settings or programmes and switch directly to your selection – a shortcut that really saves you time. To enjoy the Oven Assistant just connect your oven with your registered Home Connect account.


  • 2D hotAir: even heat distribution for perfect results on one level.


  •  TFT-Touchdisplay – Touch navigation for intuitive operation.


    For user-friendly touch navigation.

    With its user-friendly menu structure and touch navigation, the TFT-Touchdisplay makes operating your oven simple and satisfying. The intuitive guidance through the extensive menu helps you to get the most from your oven.


  • Inverter Technology – Constant microwave power for gradually heated food.


  •  humidClean Plus - For fast cleaning dirt is softened beforehand by vaporizing soapy water. It can then be removed more easily.

Siemens Studioline iQ700 Built-in compact oven with microwave CM924G1B1B

  • 5 years warranty

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