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The freeInduction Plus hob with activeLight and Home Connect for maximum flexibility.

  • freeInduction Plus 90cm: Move up to six pots and pans freely anywhere on the hob, without being restricted to size or predefined cooking zones.
  • powerMove Pro: Change the power level of the pot or pan in 5 steps, using only movement of the cookware .
  • activeLight: Sleek light bars give you intuitive visual feedback on where heat is applied and the selected settings.
  • cookingSensor Plus is an intelligent system that enables temperature control of liquids inside pans, great for preventing overboiling.
  • The convenient cookConnect system allows you to control different functions of the extractor hood directly from your cooktop. (with matching hood)

Black EZ977KZY1E iQ700 Induction hob 90cm

  • 2 years warranty

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