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Novy Your kitchen's secret ingredient!

Novy has a rich history and with more than 110 years’ experience, Novy is the foremost specialist in cooker hoods, also offering premium induction hobs and worktop extractors. Craftsmanship and innovation are Novy's absolute drivers: from the start, the highest requirements were set in the fields of design, ease of use, sustainability and silence. Revolutionary peripheral extraction combined with optimized soundproofing ensures very efficient, yet super-quiet extraction which remains unrivalled. Today, Novy has grown into a leading European brand in kitchen ventilation and it has constructed a range of products offering solutions for every type of kitchen.

Powerful performance in your kitchen

More than 50 years have passed since Novy pioneered and patented its peripheral extraction system; a technology that is now widely used by most extraction specialists. By having a narrow gap between the base plate and the edges of the cooker hood, odours and cooking vapours are rapidly extracted. Not only does this increase efficiency to 95%, but the position of the grease filter behind the base plate is also an aesthetic solution. It is made from several layers of aluminum with different densities to ensure the maximum possible absorption. By combining a powerful silent motor with this aerodynamic technology the result is a cooker hood that eliminates all the nuisance aspects in your kitchen: noise and odours.

The secret to your cooker hood is its unique charcoal filter

We are constantly innovating, which is why we have recently updated our Pure heat recovery technology. The latest Pure filter is based on active charcoal beads supported by a labyrinth structure. This unique structure ensures that the charcoal filter in the cooker hood efficiently absorbs all odours. Did you know that the cooker hood can neutralize between 95% and 100% of even the most powerful odours?

Thanks to its special natural coating the Pure filter will last for up to 900 hours of cooking. This means that the charcoal filter in the cooker hood only needs replacing every 3 to 5 years, which is unique!

Check out some of our range below!

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