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Are you ready for the ice bucket revolution?

Kaelo offer the latest revolution in the ice bucket technology, hand crafted indulgence for your home or business.


Kaelo offer innovative technology and design to ensure every drop of your preferred drink is at the perfect temperature every time. Traditional ice buckets are usually far too cold and the over-chilling effects the flavor's and aromas of your favorite wine. Kaelo ensures the bottle remains at just the right temperature and ensures every glass of your white wine or champagne is perfect.


Instant and simple, your Kaelo operates with one touch so it is immediately ready for a chilled bottle. Simple, no preparation needed, no waiting and no mess!

Why choose Kaelo?

  • No refillables - Nothing to prepare, refill or clean up just serve again and again with ease.

  • Precision machined from a solid 5KG block of high strength aluminium for maximum performance, durability and beauty.

  • A Flawless edge to edge curve is crafted from a single 3KG block of steel, mirror polished by hand and embedded with touch sensitive control not only beautiful but offers intuitive functionality. 

  • Halo illumination in 27 colours brings the WOW factor to the occasion, can be turned off for a more subtle ambience.

  •  Extra wide opening caters for all 75cl bottles up to Dom Perignon and Krug champagne bottles.

  • 5 year warranty, trusted hand-built British quality ensures each Kaelo meets the performance and finish standards tested before being individually signed off by its individual maker.

Still not convinced visit us to see the live working display or contact us for further information.

All you have to decide now which premium finish you prefer.

Each Kaelo comes with a signature stainless steel crown, with either a brushed or polished finish. But you can choose from:

Champagne Gold, Rose Gold, Gold, Copper, Brass, Gun Metal and Charcoal.

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