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Bora extraction hobs are revolutionising the kitchen cooking industry the Bora principle is a simple one. The unique extraction system removes all steam, fats, odours, and vapours immediately through the centre of the hob before they have a chance to escape. These are then processed through high quality grease filters and extracted externally through ducting or processed through high quality charcoal filters in recirculation models.

The Bora principle has been copied by many manufacturers but the vision remains the same "The end of the extractor hood" Bora are aiming for a “revolution in the kitchen” and to allow for “new kitchen architecture” Bora remain the market leader in extraction cooktops.

Bora aim to achieve their dream using the seven benefits of probably the best extraction system on the market and position BORA as brand leader, quite simply, More possibilities. More enjoyment. More freedom with BORA.

The Bora principle has been copied by many manufacturers but the vision remains the same "The end of the extractor hood" Bora are aiming for a “revolution in the kitchen” and to allow for “new kitchen architecture”

Bora aim to achieve their dream using the seven benefits to the probably the best extraction system on the market and position BORA brand as leader, quite simply More possibilities. More enjoyment. More freedom. With BORA.
1 - The advantage of fresh air: cooking while surrounded by fresh air.

Simply, the further cooking vapours travel before they are drawn off equals the greater chance that more odour and grease particles will be distributed throughout the room, settling on furniture and textiles. BORA puts an end to all that, grease particles created during cooking are no longer allowed to escape throughout the room, instead they are trapped in the central stainless steel grease filter resulting in the fresh air both during and after cooking.

2 - Peace advantage: significantly quieter than conventional extractor hoods.

Noise especially in modern open plan living situations is unwelcome, in many situations in life this is something that is impossible to remove, especially in the kitchen. The average extractor have a sound level of over 70 dB (A) at head height which is too much noise to be comfortable, even at the highest level BORA venting hobs create less noise than a steak that is being grilled. Sophisticated technology include low-noise motors which are contained behind the kitchen plinth, perfect sound attenuation further reduces noise and the integrated sound absorption technology results in ultra quiet extraction.

3 - Easy cleaning advantage easier the better!

Cleaning extractor hoods can be complicated, time-consuming and require the use of tools not only do you need to clean the filters but the extractor surfaces. But BORA is different innovative venting hobs not only make cooking pleasure but cleaning is made a simple task. All three moving parts can be dismantled quickly and easily by hand, without the use of tools and then put the parts in the dishwasher.


4 - The advantage of effectiveness simple solutions.


Conventional extractor hoods work extremely hard to remove the vapours and odours as they travel long distances before they are captured. Even then, it is not usually possible for all of the vapours to be removed typically 50% escape. BORA extracting hobs are a smart and highly effective, best evidence of this is the head-height Clean rate of 100 %. All made possible by the intelligent use of  flow speed and motor technology, which ensure suction of the vapours at the precise point where it's created enabling energy efficient extraction.


5 - The advantage of using the best materials.


Only the best is good enough for Bora when it comes to the quality of our products, High-quality materials not only ensure high quality function but long service life. Every metallic part of BORA cook top extractors is made of pure stainless steel, HiLight and induction cook tops are made of glass ceramic material, which is free of heavy metals. BORA ensure long life service and cooking pleasure for years to come.

6 - The advantage of planning freedom: setting the standard in new kitchen architecture.


Besides the many technical advantages that you enjoy with BORA, it is above all the completely new possibilities for kitchen planning that BORA really knows how to impress with. You can do practically anything that you have ever wanted to: cook in front of a window or under the eaves, have a kitchen island without a bulky hood and more space for hanging cabinets in smaller kitchens and enjoy seamless minimalism... all because of the space gained by doing away with an extractor hood. Thanks to its compact dimensions, you still have lots of space in the floor units. This makes BORA the benchmark in new kitchen aesthetics.


7 - The advantage of a clear view: no annoying head-height extractor hoods.


BORA is different from conventional extractors there are no edges or corners at head height for you to bang your head on, no need to stoop while you cook, no vapours swirling around the kitchen and no condensation on your windows. This is of particular advantage in the open plan kitchen scenario.For expert advice, specification needs and prices call us 01622 541550 we are a UK BORA dealer with a large fully interactive showroom in Maidstone, Kent, we offer free delivery nationwide.

We can supply the full range of Bora hobs including the Bora Basic, Bora Professional and Bora Classic as well as all the ducting required and expert advice.

BORA offers the optimum combination of effectiveness, efficiency and design and impressive performance irrespective of which of the three variations you choose


The BORA Basic comes in three models and each model is available in ducted or recirculation options at no extra cost. Choose from the BHU, BHI, BIU, BIA, BFIA, BFIU and BFIA. The range offers a compact hob with an automatic extraction smart extraction system and includes an energy saving surface induction glass ceramic cooktop which accommodates four pans with ease, so what are the main differences. 

BORA BHU & BHA models offer a halogen cooktop with central extraction, the BIU & BIA models offer an induction cooktop with four zones and the BFIU & BFIA models offer a large flexzone induction cooktop.

BORA Classic and BORA Professional ranges offer the ultimate in flexibility giving you the option for central extraction with a combination of gas, induction, tepan stainless grill and wok cooktop elements, the choice is yours. 


Please call us for advice and the latest prices - 01622 541550 or 01622 541168