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Novy Extraction - Premium Innovation Partners
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At the very heart of you home, the kitchen is a multifunctional living space and the main focal point. Whether you are cooking or preparing meals, entertaining guests of relaxing with your children you do not want any obtrusive noises odours interrupting your environment.

Novy breathes life into the kitchen, with it's silent and highly efficient cooker hoods the extraction models guarantee an ideal environment in which to live, work and play.

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Powerful performance by Novy

Novy pioneered and patented its peripheral extraction system over 50 years ago; a technology that is now widely used by most extraction specialists.

A narrow gap between the base plate and the edges of the cooker hood ensure odours and vapours are rapidly extracted from the cooking environment.

Allowing extraction efficiency up to 95%  position of the grease filter the base plate is also an aesthetic solution.


It is made from several layers of aluminium with different densities to ensure the maximum possible absorption.


By combining a powerful silent motor with this aerodynamic technology the result is a cooker hood that eliminates all the nuisance aspects in your kitchen: noise and odours.

The power of silence

With a Novy specialist extraction system in your kitchen you can expect almost silent noise levels but with powerful vapour extraction. Only Novy can offer this level of extraction performance with an ultra low noise level.


A Novy cooker hood is designed to be quieter than the sound of your cooking, perfect for the ever popular open plan living spaces.