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Discover the BORA Stars LSLRG 3-Light Linear Pendant Light in Rose Gold at Kitchen Design House. Featuring a Rose Gold finish, this BORA 3-Light Linear Pendant Light offers warm white LED lighting controlled by DALI technology. The surface-mounted in-line layout is height-adjustable, providing flexibility for your lighting preferences. Enjoy easy adjustability without the need for tools, and experience the benefits of DALI control—a lighting interface system that ensures precise and flexible control through digital signals. This lighting fixture is directly affixed to a ceiling or surface, providing an elegant and functional lighting solution.


Perfect for illuminating dining tables, the pendant light allows infinite dimming for optimal lighting conditions during meals. The versatile lighting system enables various constellation options, including a single light in a surface-mounted or built-in version, or three lights arranged in a linear or circular fashion.


Achieve perfect lighting for any situation with the BORA Stars models featuring three lights, offering stepless dimming via a rotary knob or light switch. Create elegant lighting accents to enhance your kitchen ambiance. 3-light fittings are dimmable via DALI Control.


DALI, or Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, is a lighting interface system that utilises digital signals for precise and flexible control. This two-way communication method allows users to interact with LED drivers and ballasts, and vice versa, through a DALI controller. The controller is typically a computer system with software or a dimming controller.


Tailor your BORA lighting to suit your specific needs with customisable configuration options. BORA Stars is available in Moss Green, Rose Gold, and Black, allowing you to freely design your lighting scheme for a personalised touch.

BORA Stars LSLRG 3-Light Linear Pendant Light in Rose Gold

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