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Explore the BORA Horizon LHMRG Move Pendant Light in Rose Gold at Kitchen Design House. This pendant light boasts a soothing rose gold finish, 5 colour temperatures, LED lighting, a dimmer function, gesture control, and is height adjustable, with an energy rating of G. Gesture Control allows you to adjust lighting with a simple hand movement, offering convenient operation. Effortlessly customise the height of BORA Horizon Move with the adjustable lighting fixture, adapting seamlessly to the specific conditions in your kitchen and dining area.


High-quality and aesthetically pleasing, the BORA Horizon linear pendant light seamlessly integrates into kitchens, adding a touch of refinement. Available in soothing moss green, elegant black, and picturesque rose gold, it enhances the kitchen environment.


This compact 2-in-1 lighting solution serves as both indirect ambient light above the dining table and a direct light source above a cooktop, providing versatile and high-quality lighting. Choose from 5 colour temperature settings and utilise the infinitely adjustable dimmer function to create a pleasant atmosphere in any cooking situation.


With simple gesture controls, the BORA Horizon can be easily operated – from turning the light on or off to adjusting brightness, changing colour temperature, and coupling or decoupling direct and indirect lighting. Adjust the height of BORA Horizon Move seamlessly on the lighting fixture, effortlessly adapting to the specific conditions of your kitchen and dining area.

BORA Horizon LHMRG Move Pendant Light in Rose Gold

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