The next Kitchen revolution........

The new kitchen must-have but for all the right reasons, Quooker the original tap that immediately dispenses boiling water on demand. Simple and easy to use with the tap on the worktop and tank hidden underneath a Dutch invention thats taking the world by storm.

Choose between a separate boiling water tap with accompanying mixer tap or the latest Quooker Flex or Fusion a single tap for hot, cold and boiling water. Ultra-safe, super-efficient costing only 3 pence a day  in standby mode, available in eight tap designs and three finishes.

No untidy kettle on the side your kitchen deserves a Quooker!

Quooker Nordic Round & Square
Quooker Fusion Round, Square & Flex
Quooker Pro vac tanks


The Flex is the latest addition to the Quooker range of boiling-water taps. Featuring the latest innovative design, its equipped with a flexible pull out hose for offering hot, cold and filtered cold water from one tap! The flex section makes it effortless to rinse and clean at any point in the sink. Every aspect of the Quooker flex has been designed for ease of use and make to the highest standards you expect from Quooker. The Quooker Flex is available in polished chrome or true stainless steel finish and with the convenient pull out hose makes the Quooker Flex a must for all kitchens!

The Quooker Flex is Extremely safe thanks to the boiling-water stop feature which ensure the Flex will not dispense boiling water when the pull out hose is pulled out. To access the boiling water, you must also first use the (double)-push-and-turn handle. The insulated spout and fine aerated spray ensure no risk of scalding or burning.

The Quooker Flex is also available with a cold water filter option built in to the push and turn function, and can be purchased with a provac 3, 5, 7 or combi tank and the usual Quooker additions including scale control.

For prices, advise or further information please contact us, or to see a Quooker in action visit us at the Kitchen Design House, Maidstone, Kent, ME16 8PS.

Safety First.........

Boiling water needs to be treated with care, knocked over kettles cause hundreds of casualties each year, especially for young children. Thanks to Quooker these accidents can be removed, its childproof handle and insulated sides that ensure that it nevers feels hot to the touch.

The water is boiling, but the flow is a spray rather than a solid jet ensuring you have plenty of time to get your hands out of harm's way if the need arises. Safety first and ease of use go hand in hand with all Quooker boiling water taps.